All business websites now require 100% ADA compliance.
All business websites now require 100% ADA compliance.
(Or you risk being fined up to $75k - $150k and a target for lawsuits)...
(Or you risk being fined up to $75k - $150k and a target for lawsuits)...
Yet nearly every business owner we've spoken with hasn't been aware of this (or compliant) ever since the Supreme Court ruling came out...
ADA Website Compliance Lawsuits Have Been Surging Lately
Businesses are ‘sitting ducks’ for Title III federal lawsuits...

“The attorneys are telling us, ‘You can’t fight this. There’s nothing you can do, just write them a check,'” said Ben Tundis, owner of Island Comfort Footwear in Clearwater.

Lawsuits like this one are being filed by the stackful, typically by one plaintiff working with a handful of lawyers who are gaining notoriety for these types of cases." 
Fortunately, we developed a free solution for this...
In 2016, an important legal argument was established with Robles v. Domino's Pizza LLC

Guillermo Robles, a blind person, claimed that he was unable to order a pizza online because Domino's did not design its website or app to be compatible with the software he uses to navigate the web. He claimed that Dominos was in violation of the compliance requirements of the Americans With Disabilities Act.

In January 2019, the Ninth Circuit ruled in his favor. When Dominos appealed the case with the Supreme Court in October and asked them to overrule the decision, the Court denied both the petition and the appeal. 
Which now makes virtually EVERY business liable for fines of $75k - $150k as well as federal prosecution...
Even sole proprietors providing services and other "single employee" businesses can be sued... during a pandemic despite all of the other issues that small companies are dealing with right now.

Here are two more examples of current litigation:

Which means that accessibility is no longer optional. If your website isn’t already ADA compatible—so people with hearing, movement, sight & cognition disabilities can use it—making it compliant is absolutely critical.

The problem is that achieving 100% compliance can cost upwards of $5,000 to $50,000+ (to manually update a website to meet all ADA standards based on the complexity and time required). 

So you're either risking a $75,000 - $150,000 fines plus potential lawsuits that could bankrupt your company...

Or... paying $5,000 - $50,000 to rebuild your entire website so that accessibility software functions properly...

Not exactly great news, huh?
So we came up with a simple (and free) solution...
(And it's currently being trusted by many of the world's leading brands):
Studies indicate that 71% of web users with a disability will simply leave a website that is not accessible...
And according to a report from the U.S. Census Bureau, 51 million people in the US aged 15 and older have a disability, so creating websites that can communicate with their software increases your potential reach. 

By making your digital content more accessible, your organization can connect with and serve more customers, while also making a difference for people who need your help.
Which is the right thing to be doing anyway...
(Especially when you can do it for FREE in less than a minute).
The added benefit of this is that it can help quite a bit when it comes to converting website leads to customers since it's very unlikely that your competitors are aware of this issue, and even a slight increase in conversions can result in substantially more revenue. 

(i.e. Going from a website conversion rate of 1% [fairly standard] to 2% can effectively double the amount of leads & sales coming in from the exact same amount of traffic/advertising).
So here's where our free website widget comes in:
Text Reader: The text reader is a built in widget that reads only textual content(s) in the document. The tool addresses users who have difficulty reading various textual content(s) and users with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). By using text reader, the user can control the reading flow using the mouse and/or keyboard. Moreover, the user has full control of the reading rate and sound pitch of the reader widget.

Keyboard Navigation: Many users with motor disabilities have difficulty using a mouse; and blind or visual impaired users routinely use keyboard navigation. The Keyboard Navigation function meets the WCAG 2.0 standard requirements and provides full accessibility enabling users to navigate through pages using the keyboard alone.

Blinks Blocking: This tool is for users who are susceptible to seizures caused by strobing, flickering, or flashing effects as well as users with learning disabilities. The Blinks Blocking tool eliminates any graphics, news-tickers, marquees, galleries, auto-play, or other animations which may be distracting or cause a photo-epileptic seizure to occur.

Monochrome, Dark/Bright High Contrast: In accordance to the WCAG 2.0 guidelines, this tool provides 3 different contrast display options that enable changing the text and background color so that it can be easily read by a user with a visual impairment.

Accessibility Toolbar Additional Functions: Increase Font Size, Decrease Font Size, Readable Font. This tool package allows users with low visual impairments the option to increase or decrease text size or to select a basic, simple, easily-readable font without the loss of functionality.

Image Descriptions: Images and graphics make the surrounding content easier to understand. The WCAG 2.0 states that all non-text content should have a text alternative that provides an equivalent meaning as the image. The image description tool follows section 1.4.5 of the WCAG Success criterion to make sure that image information is displayed prominently and the intended concept or meaning of the image is made clear to the users.
Other functionalities to improve usability for low vision users includes: a large white cursor, large black cursor, links and header highlighters.

This suite of accessibility tools, is all packaged into one easy-to-install widget by simply copying and pasting one line of code onto your website. It will help you meet the WCAG 2.0 specified conformance level "Triple - A" guidelines.

Contact us today to get started for free...
Make your website accessible for those who need it, increase the number of potential customers, and avoid expensive fines and frivolous lawsuits!
Free plan
FREE FOREVER, no set up fee.
  • Accessibility Widget Only
  • Up To 50% ADA Compliance
  • Websites Up To 100 Pages & <10k Visits/Month
  • Installation Takes < 1 Minute 
  • Copy & Paste One Snippet Of Code
  • Elegant Design & Responsive
  • Fully Customizable To Match Your Website
  • WCAG  2.1 AA, Section 508, EN 301549
  • ADA, BITV, RGAA, SI 5568, Stanca Act, JIS
Small business
Billed monthly or annually ($497), no set up fee.
  • Accessibility Widget + Liability Features
  • Up To 95% ADA Compliance
  • Websites Up To 1k Pages & 100k+ Visits/Month
  • Installation Takes < 1 Minute 
  • Copy & Paste One Snippet Of Code
  • Elegant Design & Responsive
  • Fully Customizable To Match Your Website
  • WCAG 2.1 AA, Section 508, EN 301549
  • ADA, BITV, RGAA, SI 5568, Stanca Act, JIS
One time set up fee applies.
  • Accessibility Widget & Custom Remediation
  • 100% ADA Compliance
  • Any Size Website Or Monthly Traffic
  • $1,000,000 Warranty Coverage
  • Custom Coding & Widget Creation
  • Elegant Design & Responsive
  • Fully Customizable To Match Your Website
  • WCAG 2.1 AA, Section 508, EN 301549
  • ADA, BITV, RGAA, SI 5568, Stanca Act, JIS
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