Until we've saved you LOADS of money on your current business expenses first (without losing staff or changing vendors).

Until we've saved you LOADS of money on your current business expenses first (without losing staff or changing vendors).

One of the easiest & most overlooked ways to instantly increase your company's profit margin & valuation, streamline your systems, and decrease your operating expenses, is "strategic cost reduction."

One of the solutions we provide involves renegotiating your contracts for monthly business expenses. We do this by analyzing data from well over 25,000+ contract modifications. You pay nothing out of pocket. Then we split the savings with you.

Here's how it works:

First we start with a vendor & contract review. We can help with everything from IT, leases, insurance, freight, telecom, merchant/bank fees, utilities, supplies, tax credits, benefits, equipment, and a whole lot more... (We have a 20+ year industry specialist for each of the 23 types of expense categories we can help reduce).

We always focus on quality first. Our renegotiated contracts never compromise on the level of service expected. We will only suggest changes that are equal to or better than what you currently have. Plus, 87% of the time there’s no need to even change vendors.

We work with business owners, Executive Directors, CEOs, and the CFOs or CPAs who are looking to impress them. We have completed over 25,000 expense reviews for thousands of clients in a wide range of industries, comprising well over $1 billion dollars in collective savings over the years

But you might be wondering...

Is this going to be difficult?

Nope, not at all. All we need is 15 minutes with your finance person and some invoices.

Rest assured - we’ll come back with a list of recommendations. Next, you get to choose and sign the renegotiated contracts that you’re happy with. Then you just enjoy your savings.

You might be thinking: "Isn’t that my job?" 

Nope, your time is too valuable. Also, very few people have access to the magnitude of price analysis data that our expense category experts use to determine true market costs. 

Plus, renegotiating contracts is extremely time consuming. Let us do all the tedious work.

We do this for companies in nearly every industry. Our category specialists have an average of 20+ years experience in their profession. They intimately know the fair market value. 

Our clients are amazed when we find an average savings of 10-40% depending on type of expense category. In over 87% of these cases we accomplish it without changing vendors. 

You’re guaranteed to get equal or better service levels and product quality.

So why do we do this?

Well, there are a lot of other ways we can help you. But the first thing we like to do for new clients is help them "find" extra money that's already inside their business.

Because the more money we help you save, the more likely you'll re-invest some of those savings back into some of the things we can do to grow your company exponentially

You might also be thinking: "This sounds too good to be true." 

We've negotiated 25k+ vendor contracts – probably with the same vendors you're using.

We know what those expenses should cost, so we renegotiate your contract with them. 

Then we split the savings with you.

You risk nothing upfront, and only pay us for our time & expertise with "found money."

Plus, we also donate 5% of our earnings in YOUR company name to a charity of YOUR choosing, which creates even more "halo effect" publicity for your brand.

(You're welcome to match it if you want, but that definitely isn't required - although there's probably never been a better time in history to be putting out goodwill into the world).

So... if you'd like a guaranteed way for us to bolster your bottom line, increase your valuation, with absolutely no risk to you, and the only possible outcome being that you start paying far less money for the exact same expenses that you're already paying for anyway...

Let us know asap before one of your competitors contacts us... 

P.S. This really is just the tip of the iceberg. We intentionally made this service such a no-brainer for you to take us up on, so that you begin to wonder what else we can help with...

(Hint: everything).

Need proof? Wanna hear what past and current clients are saying?

Customer Testimonials & Expense Categories

Bank & Credit Line Fees: 

When we hired you and told you under no circumstances were we changing our banking relationship you said, “that was fine.” I was truly surprised because I thought the only way we would save money was to change banking institutions. When you reviewed our fees and provided your analysis showing us we were over paying by $32,000 in the last year I was flabbergasted. Our banker had told us that this is the best he could do. I approached him after our meeting and they offered to reduce our fees by $9,000. When I reported back to you the bank's proposal and they argued that our assessment was not correct, you then provided us with the information to show them that they were not charging the market rates for the relationship like we had with them. Armed with that data, they reduced our fees that provided savings to almost $30,000 per year. Still surprised but could not have accomplished this without your assistance. 

- Client since 2014, CFO, Dental Practice, Milwaukee, WI

Cleaning Services & Supplies: 

Words cannot express my gratitude to you for all the help you were to me during the sale of my business. First reviewing all of my expenses and getting them to where they should be was amazing. There is not a category that you could not handle. I could not have accomplished this without your business knowledge, your support, and your “know how!” I thank you and your team so very much and I hope to be able to work again with you in the future. 

Florri Beckley CEO, Your Cleaning Connection, North Potomac, MD

Equipment Purchasing & Leasing: 

We were in the process reviewing our leased print solution. I called them to do an analysis to see if this was a great deal we were getting. Once the audit was completed and our usage was determined, Marc examined the proposal from our existing vendor for the release of their existing equipment. The total payments for the current lease and print services was $14,567 and there would be a fair market value purchase at the end that was just less than $2,500. The new proposal from their existing vendor was for a $1 buy-out lease for the existing equipment costing them $18,371 over the next 36-months. Because the client valued the existing vendor relationship we first approached them to discuss their proposal and to understand the pricing. Keeping in mind that this was for existing equipment that was almost 36 months old. After a discussion with the client, it was determined that we should go to the market for some competitive pricing for new replacement equipment. We were able to secure new equipment from a different vendor providing the same functions, full installation and network configuration, print services and quality imprint solutions for $14,220 for a 36-month $1 buy-out lease. In addition, the new vendor agreed to buy-out the remaining portion of the existing lease and return the equipment to the leasing company. This also allowed the client to also take advantage of the Section 179 deduction in year 2013. Additionally, the maintenance and consumables for over usage were priced less than the proposal from the existing vendor. If the usage is similar, we will save an additional $6,012 new lease to own solution. 

John Skalla, CEO, First Benefits, Chicago, IL

Federal Tax Credits: 

We were referred to them through an adviser we are using. When Marc reviewed our expenses he noticed we had not claimed any R&D Tax Credits. We are not sure why our existing CPA never suggested we file for those credits. Marc and his CPA R&D Tax Credit team found we did qualify and also provided the forms necessary to to amend our past three years returns to recover the overpaid taxes. In addition, he and his team will also support us should the IRS have any inquiries in regards to our amended return for no additional fee. 

- Client since 2018, CEO, Robotics, East Peoria, IL

Food & Dietary Services: 

When they talked to us about reducing our food and produce spend I didn’t think there would be much room for improvement, especially, as they said, without sacrificing quality or service levels. The results were surprising, for a few reasons. First, they took into account that pricing was not our only consideration and their recommendations were based on product quality, vendor service, and pricing. Then, when the analysis was complete, it showed our spending could be reduced by 18.5%, including an additional 9.4% from an existing vendor. During the first two months our savings exceeded their estimates and we are impressed with the vendor, who is great to work with. Having ETP perform the analysis, execute the decisions we made, and their continued monitoring of our invoices freed up not only money, but the time to set and focus on other priorities. In the end, between the information, insight, and time and money saved the project was very successful. 

- Client since 2016, COO, Country Club, Fairfax, VA

HR & Payroll Management Solutions:

Marc reviewed our Payroll and HR services and showed us how combining them to a single provider would be helpful in reducing redundancies and provide a cost savings as well. He brought in 3 providers for us to interview to determine the best fit for us. He and his team negotiated the services and pricing and cut our costs by 42% over our current provider. It has been six months since the change and we could not be happier. Our onboarding, time and attendance and employee information is all located on one platform. The transition to the new provider was almost seamless. They provided the training and a team dedicated to making sure our transition was successful. Not sure if we could have made this decision and completed the implementation on our own. Marc is an invaluable resource. 

Client since 2017, CFO, Country Club, Arlington, VA

Information Technology Services:

On a monthly basis we got bills for IT services and had no clue if we were really receiving the services that were invoiced. We were referred to them and they reviewed our situation. They suggested we interview two new providers and also include our existing provider whom we liked. They suggested we do a RFP and require the provider be a fixed-price billing model. We no longer worry about unforeseen issues such as malware infections and software upgrades triggering outrageous bills. The fixed-price billing model is a blessing. 

- Client since 2013, Office Manager, Law Firm, Washington, DC

Insurance – Health:

After they were successful in other expense areas we discussed doing a Health Insurance benefits review. We had just received our annual renewal and were surprised that costs were only going to be 2.5% higher. They contacted our current provider and actually secured a reduction of 7% from the prior year. While they were negotiating with our current carrier they surveyed the market place for additional providers we might want to consider. Their analysis provided additional savings of 10% (total 22.5% from original renewal offer) and a better plan for our company. More surprising is this was done while keeping all deductibles and annual limits the same and providing more benefits. Our employees and their families thank you!

- Client since 2015, HR Director, Biotechnology Company, Rockville, MD

Insurance – Worker’s Compensation:

Their team reviewed our workers compensation insurance policy. When they asked if we had ever done a claims audit, I replied, “I was not sure but we monitor our claims monthly and our agent takes care of that for us”. After they received our claims history they found 8 claims that were not closed properly and two that were never closed. When they went back to our carrier and reviewed each claim they were able to get all of the claims corrected and closed properly. I was not aware that if you have been overcharged premiums you need to request a refund or the carrier can keep those overpaid premiums. In addition to getting back over $100,000 in overpaid premiums, our MOD rate was reduced causing a lower renewal rate for the current year. Thank you, what a valuable service. 

Client since 2013, President, Janitorial Cleaning Services, Washington Metro

Medical/Laboratory Supplies:

We hired them as they suggested they could find savings even though we were currently purchasing thru a GPO. I was sure that we had best pricing as our procurement group is very diligent in negotiating our purchases. While the process took a bit longer than they originally thought as it was a complex RFP process, the results were worth the wait. They found savings of over $650,000 for us that we can now deploy elsewhere. Most importantly, they provide us a monthly report that shows each item purchased vs the baseline that was originally created showing we are in fact receiving the savings.

- Client since 2016, CEO, Multi-Discipline Medical Group, Rye, NY

Merchant Fees:

As a non-profit, every dollar in costs takes from the services we are able to provide in fulfilling our mission. When we hired you, we were skeptical that you would find any savings as we had recently switched to a new provider because they were providing a 20% savings above the previous merchant processing company. Because we had just made a change I had told you I was reluctant to make a change as it is so disruptive. Your analysis found that we were not on the correct code for the payment types we were receiving. I was shocked as we just changed providers 6 months earlier and could not believe that two different companies in this business missed that. I believe it was because when you interviewed us, we answered questions that had never been asked by any providers in the past. This classification change is providing over $100,000 in savings per year that we no longer need to fundraise for. Thank you so much, what a valuable service you provide and are looking forward to see what else you can find.

- Client since 2017, Executive Director, Non-Profit Organization, Washington, DC

Office Supplies:

We hired them to review multiple expense categories. We had negotiated new pricing for all of our offices 12 months earlier saving 20% with a major office supply company. They reviewed what we were buying and I was shocked to learn they would save us an additional 18%. We are six months in and they have delivered and the reports they provide are invaluable. Additionally, they set up a list of the most commonly purchased supplies which all office managers purchase from daily. They can still purchase off that list, but needs management approval. This has eliminated a lot of the rogue purchasing that used to occur.

- Client since 2013, CFO, Multi Office Medical Practice, Washington, DC

Online & Software Licensing Services:

We have a lot of software solutions that we use in our firm. More importantly, we had no idea which users were actually using the different solutions we pay for every month. Marc showed us a solution that discovers all your SaaS subscriptions and identifies any unused, underused or abandoned licenses. Once installed, we were able to discover, manage and optimize our firm’s SaaS subscriptions and licenses to reduce “shadow SaaS,” manage renewals, reduce our spend and secure user accounts. Our IT department insisted doing this it was a waste of money; however, the ROI was 5 months and the management off this expense is now under control.

- Client since 2017, CEO, Multi Office Law Firm, US

Real Estate Lease:

Marc helped Wallmonkeys find new office space after a deal had just fallen through at the last minute. I was pressed for time and very stressed when Marc jumped in and presented a handful of properties to visit within 24 hours. Marc was a welcome face at every location we visited and known by every leasing manager. We found the perfect location and had the smoothest negotiation possible. Every email, phone call, and text message to Marc was replied to in record time. I would not have found our new location without Marc’s help. He is a professional in every sense: Responsive, respected in his industry, and an absolute pleasure to work with.

- Jason Weisenthal, CEO, Wallmonkeys, Gaithersburg, MD

Retirement Benefit Plans:

Our relationship with them is a true partnership. They have introduced us to solution providers that truly think “outside the box.” As a smaller consulting practice it is always difficult to compete with your larger competitors. Marc and his team have found ways to make that a reality. We are now able to afford to offer benefits that are almost identical to our larger competitors. The monthly reports provided always have new insights into additional solutions we should consider. We thank you as does our entire team of employees and their families.

- Client since 2012, Managing Partner, Professional Consulting Group, Washington, DC

Shipping and Logistics:

When we interviewed Marc and his team we were certain they would not be able to help as we went to the market daily to get best pricing for our shipments. We spent over 5 hours daily calling our menu of up to 15 companies. Once they finished their review they determined we could cut that list of 15 to 4 or 5 trucking companies. They created a matrix based on shipping lanes of who to use and automated the process. We were able to redeploy that employee to a different part of the company where he could be more useful. The end result is we are saving 27% over prior years which is almost $350,000 annually. With the cost of Vanilla beans doubling in the past year this helps our current cash flow.

- Client since 2016, CFO, Vanilla Manufacturer, Waukegan, IL

Telecommunications – Wireless:

After not getting anywhere with our wireless provider we hired them to review our services. Marc and his team was able to get us brand new phones and laptop cards without cost and also reduced our monthly expense by 48% and we did not have to change providers. He also made sure the new devices were delivered and activated, collected our old devices and got us rebates for those as well. His monthly reports are terrific as it shows us the exact savings.

- Client since 2016, CEO, Building Supply Company, Beltsville, MD

Telecommunications – Voice & Data:

Marc and his team of experts found that we were overpaying our telecom and data services vendor by 24%. During his analysis he discovered we were paying for phone lines that were not even in service and recovered those overpaid costs going back three years, I was not aware you could do that, but he was and got us a full credit. The even better part was they did this without changing providers. I was sure he was telling me a story and selling me a line when he said that they have pricing information that if I asked my business representative would tell you did not exist. Apparently it does really exist. Thanks for helping us be more successful! I can use the found money for business development and grow my business.

- Client since 2011, President, Marketing Solutions Company, New York, NY

Utilities & Energy Consumption:

They was able to reduce our energy supply costs by 18%. When you consume over 1 million megawatts annually that is significant savings that we were able to pass on to our tenants. We have renewed our rate a second time now and he was able to keep the increase to only 2% even though the supply markets are substantially higher than they were 3 years ago.

- Client since 2015, VP, Property Management, Libertyville, IL

Waste Management & Recycling Services:

They reviewed our contract and found that we were paying 50% more than other providers charge for the identical services. When you approached our current provider they told you that they would not renegotiate the contract and it is “buyer beware.” Really, they have been servicing our building for 15 years and that was their reply. We terminated our agreement with them, paid the termination fee and will still save 41% over the next three years with our new vendor.

- Client since 2017, Building Owner, McLean, VA

Need more proof?
Here are some case studies:

Case study #1: Tenants of a New York Building Partner with Expense to Profit to Analyze Their Annual Additional Rent/CAM Expenses

Project Overview: An insurance group and law firm in the same building on Staten Island, New York thought they might be overcharged for their annual Common Area Maintenance (CAM) expenses or additional rent due to the landlord. They were looking for a partner with expertise to deliver a meaningful audit of these costs to determine if they were paying the correct additional rent.

Our first goal was to identify and analyze all of the expenses that the landlord had charged their tenants that were permitted in their lease. The audit provided expense items that needed clarification. First the landlord’s architectural drawings showed a common area core factor for the building of 8% yet the CAM invoices showed that figure to be 14%. 

Both tenants were being overcharged by 6% just because the wrong core factor was being used. Both leases had exclusions for capital expenses to improve the landlord’s property, yet both were charged their share of this expense. There was an exclusion for real estate taxes for the first ten years of their lease. 

When reviewing the current year, we found that they were charged for real estate tax expenses. We then went back and reviewed the entire lease term for both tenants for both the appropriate sharing percentages and to remove these exclusions. The final error that we found was that the landlord was double charging for janitorial services. Both tenants paid their share of this expense monthly. In addition, the landlord also charged them for this service on their annual CAM expense statement.

The Results: Both tenants received reimbursements and rent credits from the landlord for the over payments. The insurance group received $68,450 reimbursement and a month of rent abatement. The law firm received a check for $128,000 and three months of rental.

Case study #2: Dental Health Maintenance Organization Partners with Expense to Profit to Analyze Their Medical Supply Spend

Pictured: a typical dental office chair. Many dentists offices make the mistake from sourcing from numerous vendors and don't define their costs, leading them to spend more than they should on medical supplies.

Project Overview: A Midwest Dental Health Group was searching for a partner to compliment its capabilities and expertise in providing superior service to its patients. They were looking for a partner with expertise to deliver meaningful and sustainable funding by reducing overhead cost. They wanted a partner who could also provide expertise in the area of best practices, vendor selection and management that is unique to each expense category without taking on any additional risk or expense.

We identified and ranked the top spend categories and vendors for savings opportunities by reviewing their past twelve (12) months spend by Expense Category. It was determined that we would start with their Medical Supplies. While they had agreements with vendors, there was nothing in writing to specify the exact terms. With an annual spend of over $5 million, purchasing over 6,600 different medical products and having supplier relationships with over 30 vendors, they were not able to measure compliance with their vendors for pricing, terms and service. Their largest vendor had an agreement with them for a cost + 15% pricing structure.

Our first goal was to analyze all of the data and get terms and pricing from their vendors. Once that data was analyzed we presented our findings to the client and determined that there were potential opportunities for savings and better tracking for vendor compliance. The RFP process began and invitations were sent to the 16 vendors that could provide the majority of all items within the client’s parameters for pricing, terms and service.

The Results: 15 of the 16 vendors submitted proposals. After analyzing all of the proposals there was a savings of $542,000 per year for new three-year agreements without changing vendors. What the client found most amazing was the vendor with the cost + 15% arrangement seems to be able to deliver the same products with the same terms for just “COST.” Because the client did not define “COST” they never really knew what made up that benchmark. The second solution was to consolidate the spend utilizing just a couple of vendors. The three-year agreements will provide savings estimated to be over $1.1 million.

Support Services and Asset Management Savings Opportunities

As a CEO, CFO or Healthcare Administrator, you are feeling the pressure of shrinking reimbursements and increasing costs. As a healthcare provider, you are doing what you can to provide quality healthcare while keeping patients, payers, and providers happy. You are feeling pressure to reduce operating costs and services to remain competitive in the healthcare marketplace. All too often, cost savings involve reducing your workforce, reducing services, or compromising quality healthcare. Which way do you turn?

Our industry experts are being asked to review expenses incurred by health care organizations. Our clients include hospitals and outpatient care facilities, physician practice groups, home health care services, nursing and other residential care facilities, diagnostic imaging centers and medical laboratories. We specialize in the cost-effective management of all healthcare based assets, including the physical plant and associated equipment, fixed and mobile medical devices, and more. Our expertise continues by improving service contracts and device rental/lease agreements.

Case study #3: Digital Equipment Lease Review and Audit

Pictured: a standard office printer, one of the pieces of digital equipment businesses typically lease.

Project Overview: A client had intended to release their existing equipment so they could take advantage of the IRS Section 179 Tax deduction prior to the end of 2013. We suggested that it was appropriate to do a review and audit of their digital equipment leases for usage and contract compliance prior to releasing the equipment.

Upon reading and auditing the existing lease contract, it was discovered that the client was being charged an annual 15% increase for maintenance on its entire lease payment. This included the principal payments and interest for the equipment in addition to the maintenance portion. The client was under the impression they were only paying the increases on the maintenance portion.

We then reconciled the monthly invoices for over/under usage. It was at this point that we discovered that the client in the past quarter had increased the color imprint usage by 110% over the prior 10 quarters – meaning they had 6,200 color imprints for 28 months and in 3 months during the September 2013 quarter they had 6,700 imprints costing them a $430.00 additional expense above their allotted 1650 imprints. In a review of best practices for this client, they did not have any mechanism to monitor their daily usage to determine if there was normal usage on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. A best practice review system is now in place.

Next, this client was 4 months from completing their 36-month lease. The total payments for this first lease were $14,567 and there would be a fair market value purchase at the end that was just less than $2,500. The new proposal from their existing vendor was for a $1 buyout lease for the existing equipment costing them $18,371 over the next 36-months. Because the client valued the existing vendor relationship we first approached them to discuss their proposal and to understand the pricing. After our negotiations, they proposed a new flat pricing option dropping the cost to $14,580 over the 36-month lease. This would save the client just over $105/month or $3,791 over the lease term. Keeping in mind that this was for existing equipment that was 31 months old.

After a discussion with the client, it was determined that we should go to the market for some competitive pricing for new replacement equipment. We were able to secure new equipment from a different vendor providing the same functions and quality imprint solutions for $14,220 for a 36-month $1 buyout lease. In addition, the new vendor agreed to buy-out the remaining portion of the existing lease and return the equipment to the leasing company. This new agreement also included full installation with network interface installation to each user.

This allowed the client to also take advantage of the Section 179 deduction in year 2013. Additionally, the maintenance and consumables for over usage were priced less than the proposal from the existing vendor. It is hard to determine the exact savings for the consumables and maintenance unless usage is 100% similar to the past. If the usage is similar, the client will save an additional $6,012 ($501/quarter) over the new 36-month lease to own solution.

Case study #4: Gastroenterology Practice Saves on Medical and Office Supplies

One mistake businesses can make when they merge is neglecting to examine their existing vendor relationships, leading them to pay inconsistent pricing for the same office and medical supplies.

Our Expertise in Healthcare

The client is a 12-office gastroenterology practice in the Washington DC Metropolitan area. Prior to our engagement, they had completed the merger of multiple individual practices into one larger group. In an effort to get a better understanding on their costs related to office and medical supplies, ETP was engaged to evaluate and determine if there were price optimization strategies that they were not currently utilizing. Additionally, we were to determine if they were receiving the best of class service and value. They did not have any agreements in place providing any pricing or service requirements for their practice. One interesting finding was that they were being charged 8 different prices for the same medical supply in their 12 different offices from the same supplier.

Market Knowledge, Proprietary Tools, Project Experience and Implementation Assistance

Our consultants were able to gather extensive and detailed information from suppliers. Through our RFP process, our team of experts weighed supplier responses based on a number of criteria important to the practice, including quality, availability of electronic inventory management tools, shipping charges and price change-notification policies. They also reviewed proposed contracts for improved pricing, incentives and discounts; arranged a “Vendor Day” so that suppliers under consideration could present alternative products that offered substantial savings; and assisted in implementation with a transition period after contract signing to better manage supply. The solution on the medical side was that the supplier with 65% of their business provided the best solution and now has 100%. They also remained with their existing office supply vendor, but received new reduced pricing.were able to gather extensive and detailed information.

The Results: We evaluate and monitor on a monthly basis the pricing and services being delivered to provide confirmation of best pricing as well as the value and service levels required by the client. In 2014, the client saved 39.8% on medical supplies and 18.4% on office supply purchases. With this success, the client has engaged us to review their payroll, hazardous waste and print solutions costs.


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