Your marketing
just got easier.
Your marketing
just got easier.
(With guaranteed results).
(With guaranteed results).
Let's be real. Most companies are being spammed every single day by "agencies" who claim they can help with marketing... 

The problem is that advertising strategies evolve so quickly that it's nearly impossible for most local businesses to keep up with...

And the sad reality is there are charlatans out there who take advantage of that, or at best, amateurs who are still learning how the industry actually works (on your dime).
Marketing & Advertising Agency Services
So… we went out and bought 3 of the best ad agencies in the world.
(And partnered with several more).
We've spent years finding & developing relationships with the most successful marketers on the planet. 

(Because we've hired them for our own companies). 

These are the people who literally taught most of the genuinely talented agency owners out there.

But finding the best of the best wasn’t enough for us...

We wanted guaranteed results. No hype, no theory. We wanted 100% guaranteed growth. And we wanted the most cutting edge solutions currently available...

Because the beautiful thing about marketing is that, when it works, it literally pays for itself many times over.
So that's what we got for our companies. 
And that's what we can get for your business too...
Here are some of the best marketing tools we use to grow our companies:
*Everything below can be provided à la carte, but we typically recommend creating a custom package or bundle specific to your business/industry that we know will get the fastest and most effective results. 
Free advertising (for most retail and some qualifying service businesses).
One of the biggest challenges with digital advertising is identifying how much ROI ads are actually getting for a local business. If you spend $1000 on advertising it should be generating you at the very, very minimum $1001 in profit or you shouldn’t do it. But that requires both the advertiser and the business to share a lot of information and really know their numbers (which doesn’t happen very often). So… we found a platform that's willing to take all of the risk, buy advertising on over 1500 high traffic websites and apps, send you the customers (not leads - paying customers), and then track the exact amount of additional revenue (to the penny!) those ads generated for you. If, and only if, it works… then they charge a small percentage of the additional revenue generated. There’s literally no risk on your part, but they are fairly selective about who they’ll approve for this service, so give us a shout if you'd like to learn more about how it works.
Email marketing with insane targeting to 150m people & guaranteed delivery.
Did you know that the average ROI for email marketing is $32 for every $1 spent? That’s 3100%! Where else can you get that kind of return? Problem is… most businesses don’t have time to create the emails. Plus, deliverability has become a major issue recently, so even if you do email your database, there’s no guarantee that they’ll actually receive the message. You're also completely limited by the size of the list you currently have, and if it’s less than a few thousand, you might not get very good results. So… we went out and bought access to a 150,000,000+ double opt-in email list with over 700 parameters to target your ideal customer. If that sounds like a bunch of gibberish, just know that it is a GAMECHANGER in modern marketing. Plus, all the content is created in-house. You just tell us how many emails you want to be sent, sit back, and then get back up really quickly to take on the flood of new customers calling/visiting your business. Sound good?
AI-powered Chatbots and Voicebots that work for you 24/7.
Would it be helpful if you had an assistant who worked for you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and never complained? How about an assistant who could communicate with hundreds or thousands of your prospects & customers simultaneously? All while getting you more leads and customers, setting up appointments, etc. It sure was a big deal for us. Technology is evolving very, very quickly and this is the future of modern marketing (check out how Google Assistant is using it). So… we went out and found the most cutting edge B2B platforms to do this for our own businesses and then licensed the technology to provide it to other companies as well. Would you like a 24/7 online assistant for yours?
Websites and "funnels" designed to get you more leads and customers.
Having an online presence is critical these days. Social media isn’t enough. And both design and functionality are very important. But most websites don’t actually work (especially if they were created by designers rather than marketers). Similar to advertising traffic, improving your website's conversion rate can have a massive impact on your business. Say your website is getting 1 new customer for every 100 visitors (industry average). If you make some minor tweaks to that website, and get it to convert 2 or 3 customers for every 100 visitors (which is surprisingly easy to do), you just doubled or tripled the amount of new business coming in. Plus, it’s a one time investment that you will reap benefits from for years. Want one?
Magazine advertising with enterprise level pricing discounts and local reach. 
Did you know that magazine ads have incredibly high ROI versus most other forms of advertising? That genuinely surprised us too, but the numbers are the numbers, and Nielson is one of the most prominent marketing research companies in the industry. The problem is that magazine advertising is expensive. Like, really expensive. Probably because it works so well. So… we went out and found the best media buying agency in the world, negotiated enterprise level pricing discounts on the ads, and pass the savings onto you. Now your business can be featured in the local edition of 100s of the most popular and widely read magazines in the world like Forbes, Home & Garden, Oprah, etc. Would that be helpful?
Content marketing on steroids with explosive multimedia syndication. 
We recently licensed a content creation and syndication service that is blowing our businesses up even faster than we thought we originally anticipated growing them. It's kinda hard to describe how it works without going into too much technobabble, but basically imagine this... We'll identify every service or product you sell, create news articles, videos, images, podcasts,  blogs, slideshows, etc - then syndicate them to 1000s of high ranking media distribution sites, and then all of those digital assets will start sending traffic to you and your business. Forever. And we can do it over, and over, and over again. Something like this has never existed before and it's been revolutionary for our companies.  Do you want it for your business?
Search engine optimization with guaranteed first page results.
Search engine optimization is a beautiful thing when it starts working for your business. The reason for that is because it's intent-based. Meaning that people are actively searching for the solution you provide and most likely need it in the near future.  Problem is... the SEO market is fraught with charlatans. The reason for this is because, in reality, SEO does take some time to work. Most agencies will tell you 6-12 months. Which is a long time for you to pay someone and just hope that it’s actually working. So we found the best search engine optimization agency in the world that guarantees first page results (local AND national) or you don’t pay. Sound fair
Pay per click advertising (Facebook, Google, etc) with guaranteed results.
Let’s face it - you’ve probably been pitched Facebook or Google ads several times. But be very careful who you have manage this for you. Why? Say you have a $1000/mo advertising budget. To keep the math simple, say that gets you 100 new leads per month. Let’s say the ads they are running are converting at 1% (industry standard). Now imagine you have a professional agency take a look at the campaign, realize what was missing, and fixes the campaign to convert at 2%. Now that same $1000 is getting 200 leads. And you just doubled your business with the same budget. That… is why you want a professional agency managing your campaigns. Make sense?
Reputation management with guaranteed positive reviews.*
Whether you like it or not, reviews are critically important for local businesses. Online businesses can get by with testimonials (ideally video), but local businesses can live or die by reviews. The problem is that anyone can leave them, and one bad experience can cause major problems. Plus, if you don’t have a considerable amount of reviews on all of the important platforms for your business, you’re probably losing a lot of business to a competitor who does. So we we went out and found the best reputation management tool on the market. *While we can guarantee you will get a lot more positive reviews, we don't have any control over your business and what happens in it day-to-day. This tool will help a lot though. Want it?
Social media setup and management (with ongoing content creation).
Social media is overwhelming for most businesses. You already have way too much to do. Who has time to create content and engage with your followers across several different platforms on a daily basis on top of everything else you have to do? But… ignoring social media is also a huge mistake. When done right, it’s a free traffic source to staying in front of your prospects and customers. And everyone is on social media. All. The. Time. So… we went out and found the most reputable social media agency and put together a comprehensive marketing package that any business will benefit from. It includes all of the content creation, blogging, video creation, and engagement with your fans and followers. Would that be helpful?
DIY software to automate social media, listings, promotions, emails, etc.
Most of the marketing services we provide are 100% done-for-you, but if you prefer a more hands on approach, we have a very cost effective business management software that you can use to simply your social media activity, text and email promotions to your customers, reputation and review management, website optimization, and Google My Business listing optimization to help you rank better. Another issue we see far too often is inaccurate business listings. The reason for this is because many directories "scrape" the web to add new listings to to their site, but if they pull in the wrong information (say, from an old listing you made years ago) then that sends a conflicting message to the search engines. This solves that.
Ultrafast website hosting for optimized and lightning quick landing pages.
Slow website hosting is one of the most overlooked problems that most businesses  rarely understand the impact of. Fast loading websites are absolutely critical if you want your website to rank well in the search engines, but when you use cheap or ineffective hosting, it can be detrimental to your rankings. Most business owners don't realize that the search engines can see where websites are hosted, and if the service you are using also hosts illicit websites (online pharmaceuticals, adult, spam, gambling, etc - all kinds of websites they'd never want to reveal that you're sharing your hosting with) it can be negatively impacting your business too. So, we licensed our own hosting company to solve that. Want it?
B2B marketing software to automate a non-stop stream of leads & clients. 
For B2B focused companies, we have something really special for you. Obviously this is something that we do on a daily basis, and we've built & licensed systems, software, and strategies specific for that because it is so critical to how our operations work. So if you'd like to use a few of our exact same systems and processes for generating B2B leads and clients (that we use every single day), we got you. Would you like access to it?
B2B lead generation services using virtual (and automated) networking.
Networking is incredibly powerful and effective, but very few business owners have spare time to invest in it. Plus, many in-person networking events are often a crapshoot in terms of who you will meet and whether or not you've invested your time wisely. With that being said, what if we could target your exact dream customers and automate all of the outreach until they're ready to learn more about what you do? Yep, we can do that too. 
Custom-built mobile apps for virtually any small or medium sized business.
Mobile is here to stay. And one of the best customer retention tools you can have is a custom-built phone app that is tailored to  your business' products and services to increase awareness, build credibility in your market, and stay in touch with you best customers. Would that set your company apart?
Special announcement for home services & contractor businesses:
We have a MASSIVE "first to market" opportunity for you to absolutely dominate your local area. We recently partnered with a $40,000,000+/yr contractor who came up with a brilliant, brand new method for growing virtually any home services company lighting fast. Reach out to learn more.
Or... DON'T work with our team. Here's how to hire a direct competitor of ours instead.
Most agencies suffer from a scarcity mindset. They worry too much about the competition, or stress when they lose a customer. So to demonstrate how serious we are about solving problems, we'd like to suggest that you hire a direct competitor of ours and the agencies we own. Someone who also happens to be one of most successful digital marketers on the planet right now, and has a team who is responsible for generating well over 9 figuresLike, a lot more. (They're very good at growing and scaling businesses). We'd like to think we are too, but we understand if you're skeptical. So... by all means, please do not hire us for any marketing servicesInstead, use a direct competitor of ours who can also completely transform the growth trajectory of your company. Fair warning - they  definitely aren't cheap, but where else could you hire a team with a $100,000,000+ proven track recordWe're still here to help with anything else. :)
Or... DON'T work with our team. Here's how to hire a direct competitor of ours instead.
Most agencies suffer from a scarcity mindset. They worry about the competition too much, or stress when they lose a customer. So to demonstrate how serious we are about solving problems, we'd like to suggest that you hire a direct competitor of ours and the agencies we own. Someone who also happens to be one of most successful digital marketers on the planet right now, and has a team who is responsible for generating well over 9 figures. Like, a lot more. (They're very good at growing and scaling businesses). We'd like to think we are too, but we understand if you're skeptical. So... by all means, please do not hire us for any marketing services. Instead, use a direct competitor of ours who can also completely transform the growth trajectory of your company. Fair warning - they definitely aren't cheap, but where else could you hire a team with a $100,000,000+ proven track record? We're still here to help with anything else. :)
You ready to outmarket every single one of your competitors? 
DISCLAIMER: We can only help one business per industry per city for many of our services otherwise we'd just be competing against ourselves and doing our clients a disservice. Want to get in while it's still available in your area?
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