You just got more talent.
You just got more talent.
(To help run the business for you).
(To run your business for you).
To be honest, people are THE most challenging aspect of being in business.

Marketing is easy when you have the right resources. Same with systems. Money is simple to get when you know where to look.

However, people are... dynamic. Unpredictable.

Finding grateful, reliable, self-motivated and hardworking employees can be fairly challenging.

But once you do... If you treat them right...
Find talented people with recruiting and outsourcing
Your team will help you build a FAR BETTER company than you ever could have without them. 

That means if you hire the wrong person at $50k/year, your company could lose anywhere from $100k - $150k in revenue and wasted opportunity cost

So... be careful who you hire. Really careful. 

Fortunately... business has also evolved a TON over the past decade. We are more interconnected now than ever before thanks to the internet...

Which means there's a global marketplace of labor that WANTS to work hard for your company... 

And finding them has never been easier.
So that's what we got for our companies. 
And that's what we can help you get for your business too...
Here are some of the Recruiting & outsourcing solutions we've found:
Want a college-educated marketing graduate to work for you for... free? 
At the risk of shooting our own agencies in the proverbial foot... if you want help from a recent marketing graduate, check out this awesome resource called GenM.  They'll pair you with up to 4 marketing interns each working 10 hours per week for 3 months all for FREE. (After that, just hire 1-4 more for another 3 months). One of the most valuable things in marketing is fresh ideas, and this could provide your business with an endless supply of them... They'll probably work out even better with our advertising services too. ;)
Done-for-you recruiting system for finding salespeople for your company.
Finding good salespeople is tricky. But sales and marketing are the lifeblood of all businesses, and if yours could benefit from having skilled salespeople in it, this company called Time To Hire has developed an algorithm for actively recruiting them based on the sales skills you're looking for. We've used them in the past, and fair warning, be ready to handle a DELUGE of calls and emails for about 3-4 days after the campaign. But it's the fastest way to interview a few hundred salespeople and cherrypick the best.
Done-for-you Filipino virtual assistant interviewing, filtering, & recruiting.
Hiring a team of virtual assistants has been extraordinarily valuable in several of our companies. But... like any employee, there are certain characteristics that you want to look for when hiring and managing them. This company called Freedom Geek has developed a recruiting system that does all of that filtering for you and only passes along the best of the best candidates to choose from. To make your life easier, we recommend hiring one that wants to grow into a management role (and then have them hire/train/fire a team of VAs underneath them when they reach a full workload. Alternatively, another hybrid approach that has worked well in our companies is to hire a VA for your high-performing in-house employees to help them accomplish even more. We recommend both strategies. 
Highly trained, dedicated, office-based Filipino virtual assistant service.
Some of the issues you'll run into when hiring virtual assistants overseas is that internet connectivity can be fickle, time zones are obviously very different from you and your business, and communication and accountability can sometimes be difficult to accomplish. A great alternative to Freedom Geek is a company called 123 Employee. They've build an entire outsourcing organization complete with office buildings, night shifts (which is important if your business is in the U.S. or Europe), backup generators, dedicated desks, computers, phone systems, and a lot more. They're also trained and experienced with things like marketing, blogging, research, customer support, content creation, social media, etc. We highly recommend trying them out to see what they can do for your business
Done-for-you wealth accumulation and investment advisory team. 
The more wealthy you become, the more likely it will be that you'll start to receive conflicting advice and recommendations. When your advisory team consists of a tax attorney, a CPA, a bookkeeper, an independent insurance agent, a financial planner, a business & contract lawyer, your spouse, your dog, your business partner, etc - it's easy to get confused on which path and who's advice to follow. Even if you only have an accountant and attorney on your team right now, literally every single one we've used over the years has told us to do something different and that our previous advisor was wrong... So, when we found this company called Wealth Factory who gives you access to their collaborative & connected team, it was a no brainer for us.
Offshore banking, corporate structuring & tax minimization team. 
We live in a big world. And regardless of what you might think about big corporations, we really do have access to all of the same loopholes and incentives that are written into the tax code. While we recognize it is drab and boring as hell trying to decipher that code, it is critically important for successful small and medium size businesses to understand and leverage. It does and will take some time, effort, and money to set something like this up, but it is very well worth it considering many of the financial and asset protection benefits of doing so. It's also very contingent on your specific goals, so we suggest getting in touch with a company called the Nomad Capitalist to explore what kind of options are available for you.
Personality tests you can use to help retention and job satisfaction. 
Business owners are leaders. Whether you want to be or not. A lot of entrepreneurs think that they should always focus on their customer first, but we believe your team is the most important and valuable asset in your business. You have to understand that no one, will ever, not once, care more about your business than you do. That's just the reality. It's YOUR business. That's why you probably feel like you work harder than anyone else. But you have a responsibility as a leader and employer to understand who your employees are as human beings and how they fit into your company and culture. That's where personality tests come in. If you're naturally introverted, would you want to be sent out to networking events? If you're naturally extroverted, would you want to be stuck behind a computer all day staring at spreadsheets? Probably not. That's a very basic example, but think about employees who haven't worked out in the past. Even if they burned you... ask yourself why? Maybe it was just a bad judgement call when hiring, but it's also very possible that the job they were given didn't align with their expectations. This is especially true for mid-level and upper management positions. So if you're going to invest the time in interviewing, hiring, training, and paying another person in your company, we highly, HIGHLY recommend getting a better understanding of who they are, their preferred communication style, and how you can become a better leader for them. The tests we recommend are Hexaco, Kolbe, 16 Personalities, and DISC. If anything, at least take them for yourself and upper management team. It's one of the most important things you can do. 
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